Price increases in the next few months

As most of you are undoubtedly aware, the past two years have put immense pressure upon the pricing of audio equipment. Firstly, basic components, (and not just ICs), have risen dramatically, some in the order of 600%. This increased pressure upon basic component pricing has created scarcity in the manufacturing space, that again puts prices up, (I’m sure you can see the mechanism at play here). Freight has also been skyrocketing since 2020. Airfreight alone has risen between 300% and 400% depending upon carrier and country of origin. Even humble sea freight, which was once quite economical to utilise has risen fantastically, even moreso than airfreight. Like many distributers in this country, we have resisted any price increases; this said, we can no longer absorb these costs without reluctantly passing them on. Please, if you are considering any of our fine products, I urge you take advantage of current pricing. Our excellent dealers will assist you in securing exquisite audio at never to be repeated prices.

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