High End Audio Amplifiers for Audiophiles

Perreaux is a New Zealand based manufacturer of state-of-the-art hi fi audio components.

MOSFET based, solid state hi fi audio amplifiers, hand-made with individually selected components by highly-skilled technicians.

For over 40 years, Perreaux has almost single handedly championed the sonic virtues of MOSFET based amplification. Put simply, MOSFET based amplifiers, (unlike conventional transistor or valve amplifiers), combine the benefits of both, but without the shortcomings of either.

Music lovers from around the world have enjoyed the muscular robustness and harmonic delicacy of Perreaux amps for decades. 

And of course, you may order your amplifier in a wide variety of bespoke colours!

These are unlike any other amplifiers available.

Currently, Perreaux are refreshing their entire product line. Reviews and details of current devices may be found on their website:

Nick from Perreaux reveals the new 155i integrated amplifier at the the Melbourne international HiFi Show 2019

Just a small sample of available colours

A Purple Rain 155i