True Desktop Hi-End!

The new breed of advanced digital & analogue audio from Europe

The astonishingly capable Hypsos user-definable DC power supply!

With presets for hundreds of DACS, headphone amps etc, you are assured of the finest performance that your devices are able to provide.

The Erco (pronounced “Ertzo”). World class DAC feeding an astonishing headphone amplifier. Sonic glory in a modest box indeed.

The finest analogue headphone amp under $10,000? Many people seem to think so! The Oor is the pinnacle of years of analogue refinement. Capable of driving balanced or unbalanced headphone of ANY load, you will be swept off your feet. But beware, teaming the Hypsos with this beast will challenge any headphone amp at any price.

Bring on your favourite headphone and be prepared to weep with joy … no kidding

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