As the name implies, Benchmark are committed to excellence.

Benchmark products are designed and built by audio enthusiasts. They are musicians, audiophiles and audio professionals who are passionate about audio quality. Benchmark are also passionate about the durability and build quality of their products. Most of Benchmark’s products are designed, assembled, tested, and shipped worldwide from their headquarters in Syracuse, NY, USA.

Initially taking the pro and consumer audio world by storm with their DAC1 converter, Benchmark are now considered to be one of the finest manufacturers of audio equipment on the planet.

Their design philosophy is simple.

Make the best possible equipment without pandering to superfluous considerations. Make sublime audio components, and not audio jewellery! This stance may run counter to, or even offend, certain hi-end audio traditions.That indeed, may be so. Benchmark does not make gear that seeks to curry favour from folk wanting large, expensive, inefficient equipment. That is not their ethos. they prefer instead to create compact, efficient, and unobtrusive gear that actually gets out of the way of the music and doesn’t fight it for at least, visual competition. Buy a DAC3 and a AHB2 and spend the rest of your life happy, enjoying music and untroubled about upgrading; for the price of a pair of esoteric speaker cables.

The last word regarding Benchmark must surely come from one of the world’s finest speaker manufacturers, SEAS, who recently chose the AHB2 as their reference amplifier! They have the capacity and budget to choose whatever they want, but, in the end, it was the astounding Benchmark AHB2, over everyone, and everything else.

Extensive information and reviews regarding these amazing devices can be found on Benchmark’s website below:

AHB2 Amplifier

DAC3 HGC Reference DAC, Headphone Amplifier

HPA4 Ultra Preamplifier, Reference Class Headphone Amplifier